Everything suxx. and so is your taste on shows, my god have you seen dis shiz?? Have no fear though! that your favorite homosexual is here to help you out. In this page you will find some films/shows recommendation to fill your sad existence in this realm. Enjoy.

OK id10ts. u thought i d1ed?? well n0 cuz u cant k1ll m3 >:) anywho anyways, dis u definitely know it, cuz is a classic, but is THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, a horror movie abbout sum dumbass college k1dz doing a documental 0n a for3st that is haunted by a WITCH What is great about this shit is that people thought it was REAL, because of the marketing and the style of the film, ppl were out there shitting themselves because of it and i personally find that funny asf, to this day, my m0m still tells me is real

Alrighty l00zrs, i havent updated in a while but its becuz sk00l zuxx but i still try to get good grades (i was the l00xer all alone) ANYHOW. today i bring u this super rad movie about vampires because if u havent noticed i want to fuvk one, it is QUEEN OF THE DAMNED and is cool as balls, theres this scene when the vamp rockstar dude has awesome vampire sex with the queen of the vamps, in a bathtub full of blood and rose petals, with deftones music on the background. if you dont find that to be the bats knees then i dont know what to tell you, just watch it. like do it. if you dont ill come and awesomely suck your bl00d.